"Austin, Texas, keeps tearing along as the fastest growing big city in the country. According to census figures released today, its population shot up 2.9 percent during the 12 months that end in July of 2015."........The Slate

Who we are.

Frontier Development Group is a private real estate development company that has grown into a leading developer of new housing for all market segments in the Austin metropolitan area. FDG’s principals have a hands-on approach to managing the details of the development process from property acquisition, project finance and design, through construction and marketing. The firm is experienced in both new construction and rehabilitation, and is active across the luxury, affordable, and institutional housing markets.

With a focus on urban development, the company is well-versed in dealing with the challenges of a competitive business and regulatory environment. FDG prides itself on seeking out and successfully completing a broad array of complex and exciting residential projects, many of which are joint ventures or public-private partnerships. Reflecting its longstanding commitment to quality, FDG's newest projects are designed to meet or exceed green building standards such as LEED, EnergyStar, and Enterprise Green Communities.

FDG also has extensive experience working with government agencies in planning and executing complicated residential developments on underutilized government-owned properties.

Our mission.

Our goal is to provide functional, yet elegant, living spaces and help rebuild the communities we serve. This is a lofty mission, but one that can be accomplished with the right people on our team and by working together with others throughout the community.We succeed in achieving our goals by helping you to achieve yours.

What we do.

As we have grown, FDG’s business has diversified. Frontier continues to build market-rate buildings, with both rental and for sale units. Frontier remains active in affordable homeownership and affordable rental development, with several new projects in the pipeline. Our affiliated property management company, Property Management Pros, has grown alongside us to manage many of our completed projects as well as other properties.

Over the years, FDG has developed particular expertise in a number of areas. In addition to new construction, FDG has completed several gut rehabilitations of new developments as well as renovations for conversion to ownership housing. Frontier has also partnered with private property owners on successful joint venture projects, and has intervened to assist distressed cooperative buildings to restructure their finances and address physical issues. FDG has developed substantial experience incorporating greener and more energy efficient design features in our buildings, constructing all of our new projects to the standards of Energy Star, LEED, and/or Enterprise’s Green Communities.