Our Team

Michael Roberts - Chief Executive Officer

Michel Roberts has been in the development and real estate industry for over 20 years.  His experience ranges from Property Management, Real Estate Sales and Investments, Condominium construction and commercial redevelopment.  


As a licensed Broker, Michael is also the President of Austin Property Management Pros which manages hundreds of properties, both commercial and residential, in and around the Central Texas areas.  His team was able to create a portfolio of over $25 million in managed structures and is still growing today.

His focus with Frontier is to bring quality projects to the ever growing areas of Austin, TX.  He views the constant growth as a benefit to redefining Austins residential infrustructure and the need for more modern and industrial design.

Paul Zabal - Chief Fianacial Officer

The mortgage industry has definitley not been kind to the real estate market but Paul Zabal has been instrumental in helping procure, redevelope and invest in over $50 million in real estate ventures since 2008.  His over 30 years of procuring venture capital funding has put together an impressive portfolio.

A California transplant, Paul has seen what happens to a thriving real estate market and strategically benefit from the ups and downs.  His instrumental knowledge helps projects stay on the right track for both Frontier and our partners.

Joe Miller -
Chief Operating Officer

Joe Miller brings his many years of construction knowledge and most importantly, how to manevuer around the endless headaches while developing in Austin.  His expertise and structure has stream lined multiple projects while building top quality investement projects.

Also owner of Miller Construction, his team has built the trust needed to show any partner what truly makes us shine above the rest.